How do I create a new customer?

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You can create a new customer via the Customer Overview,  this area will give you the opportunity to record all the Customer’s information including multiple address details.

  1. To create a New Customer go to the Customer Overview. 
  2. Select Create New Customer on the left hand side of the overview.

3.  Set up Company Details

Type in the Company Name, you will notice a red (X) this means the field is Mandatory and you must complete the field to move on. 

4.  Add the Customer Address’s 

You will notice the address tabs show Yellow Warning Signs, this means the Customer Address details are missing.  Should the address detail’s be the same for each location you have the option to copy the address detail to any given target, by selecting Copy.


5. Choose the Customer’s Currency.

When creating a new customer ensure you select the correct currency by using the drop down menu. 

6. Adding the Customers contact number. 

The Telephone field purpose is for the companies generic telephone.  You must enter the telephone number in the format below 

Country Code x Area Code x Number

+44   01252 701092

7.  Save your work.

Once you have finished with Creating your new Customer, select the OK function to close and save the customer.