I’ve created a customer, but I needed them to be a supplier. How do I change this?

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  If you have created a customer which actually needed to be a supplier, you can change this. You will need to go to the customer overview and find the customer. Highlight the customer and on the left side of the screen press copy to supplier. It will then move the customer to the supplier overview, but it will also keep the customer in the customer database as well, so you may need to de-active this or delete it.

  1.  Within the Promotional Office Dashboard hover over the General Data Portal. Select Customer this will open the Customer Overview screen. 



2. Go to the Customer that you have created and highlight. 

3.On the left-hand side of your screen you will find your toolbar, select copy to supplier which is located in the Options section. 



4.Once the above steps has been made, you will be required to either delete or de-activate the customer.