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The Promotional Office Team is based in Farnborough, Hampshire and is a division of Sourcing City. We can provide training days here at our offices or on location. We have trained customers from one-man bands to 35+ users. The size of your business is not an issue when it comes to installing and training.

Over the past couple of years, the team has grown significantly and just shows how much the industry needs Promotional Office.

Meet the team!


Kenn, Technology Director

After taking the big jump across the pond from the Netherlands and settling in the UK beginning of 2013, I took on the challenge to change the “promotional landscape” and joining Sourcing City. By taking complex technical idea’s and distilling them into user-friendly visuals, I try to be the link between customer and developer. 20+ Years’ experience in a wide variety of fields, from programming and interface design to sales and user training, and everything in between, perfectly prepared me for my job. Starting off as Development & Support Manager and achieving Technology Director in 5 years is one of my proudest accomplishments.

Personally setting up and training 150+ companies with Promotional Office across Europe, has given me a unique insight and behind the scenes knowledge of our industry.

Let me leave you with this:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” -Simon Sinek


Steve, Sales Manager

We don’t have time anymore, not even for the stuff we want to do. So, when I see something that’ll give me more time, I’ll take it!

Whether you’re a distributor or a supplier in our trade, selling promo items will forever rely on joining up the dots, and sometimes, a lot of them!  When the guys at Sourcing City invited me to have a look at a new software thing, well, a whole load of dots joined up at once.

After 20 previous years in the trade, I’m the one who’s been matching up Promotional Office with companies across the industry since it’s UK launch back in 2014, delivering ‘time’, if you like? Promotional Office is now the trade’s leading business management software, that comes with expectations that we’re here to meet and that’s how I spend my days.

When I’ve got my week finished, then there’s the challenge of making time for family, camping, music and track-days. Each of these amongst the jobs that always need doing…sadly, not even Sourcing City has a software solution for that!

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Owen, Customer & Technical Support Executive

I’m one of the support and development staff here at Promotional Office. My role orientates around the building of documents, creating reports and data imports within the Promotional Office system.

I’ve been a C# Developer for 3 years and have experience in SQL Databases and Network Security. I additionally have 2 years of IT support knowledge from previous roles. I hold several Microsoft qualifications for network, security and software development. I feel that my previous roles help me provide the best service for our users in all round support with our product.

I previously worked for a business telecoms company, dealing with both suppliers and end users I was able to learn how to convert terminology and bring understanding to both sides. This assists in all industries and affects elements of support and development.

I want to know where this pond is that people keep jumping over!


Danielle, Customer Service Executive

My role here is helpdesk executive, I am your first port of call, you will be hearing my friendly voice helping you with any queries that you may have. I have at least 5 years of Customer Service experience dealing with queries related to process’s and have worked with a variety of software’s in the past. I am happy to have jumped on board Promotional Office’s journey!

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