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The Promotional Office Team is based in Farnborough, Hampshire with the rest of the Sourcing City crew. Our specialist teams cover the full range of Information Services for trading in the Promotional Merchandise Industry. Whether you’re a Supplier company, Importer, Distributor or Decorator , we’ll provide the business tools to drive your business forward.

Our facilities in Farnborough allow us to hold demonstrations, meetings and training sessions in house, if you need a day out! Alternatively, we’re used to travelling the country to understand your business and explain which solutions might best suit your way of doing things.

Farnborough is the home of the Promotional Office Support Desk with real people at the end of the phone ready to help with that ‘how to’ which needs talking through! Often, a simple screen share will supplement and guide you through making full use of the capabilities within the most powerful software in the trade.

New or established, small or large companies : We’d love to explore the possibilities that can be created together.


Steve, Kenn, Ella and Aaron – ‘Team PO’

Meet the team!


Kenn, Technology Director

After taking the big jump across the pond from the Netherlands and settling in the UK beginning of 2013, I took on the challenge to change the ‘promotional landscape’ and joining Sourcing City. By taking complex technical idea’s and distilling them into user-friendly visuals, I try to be the link between customer and developer. 20+ Years’ experience in a wide variety of fields, from programming and interface design to sales and user training (and everything in between) has prepared me well. Starting off as Development & Support Manager and achieving Technology Director in 5 years is one of my proudest accomplishments.

Personally setting up and training 150+ companies with Promotional Office across the UK and Europe, has given me a unique insight and behind the scenes knowledge of our industry.

My favourite mantra:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” -Simon Sinek


Steve, Sales Manager

We don’t have time anymore, not even for the stuff we want to do. So, if ever I see something that’ll save time I want to know about it!

As a distributor or a supplier in our trade, selling and supplying promo products relies on joining up a lot of dots, right?  When the team at Sourcing City invited me to have a look at a new software thing for the trade, well, a whole load of dots appeared to join up at once!

Subsequently after 20 years working in the trade doing a real job, I’m now the one who’s matches up Promotional Office with companies across the industry. I’m offering ‘time’, if you like, as that’s what the system delivers! From 2014, when we launched in the UK, Promotional Office is now the industry’s leading business management software by number of companies and individual users in the trade. With that comes a high level of expectation which we’re here to meet… that’s how I spend my days, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learnt.

When the week’s finished then there’s the challenge of making time for family, camping, flying and the occasional track-day. Each of these amongst the jobs and chores that always need doing… sadly, not even Sourcing City has a software solution to make enough time for all that!


Aaron, Customer Service Executive

  • Aaron@promotionaloffice.co.uk
  • 01252 224162

My role here is to run the support service for Promotional Office, although you’ll get to know me early on in the process when we start the build project and on towards installation. It doesn’t stop at that point, as I’ll also be leading the Help Desk service to support you from there on as well. ‘I am the Help Desk’, (with back up from the rest of the team as well of course). 

Prior to starting at Sourcing City, I had more than 3 years experience supporting a wide range of software dealing with simple user queries, to solving complex problems. With everyday different from the last there is no boring day in support, I am happy to help with all of your Promotional Office question.  

I am a big animal lover with 2 dogs and 2 cats of my own, most evenings you will find me out with the dogs walking across the ranges, and then cleaning up the devastation the cats have left while I was out.  

When the weekend arrives I spend most Sundays out on the field at Airsoft skirmishes or Milsim-events. You’ll have to ask me if you don’t know 😉 


Ella, Operations Director

I’ve been with Sourcing City since it’s inception in 2003. Prior to that I had been in this wonderful industry for 7 years.

In the operations role I liaise with all the heads of department within our Company and also perform the role of Project Manager in a variety of company projects. Specifically, for Promotional Office I oversee all service aspects provided by the Promotional Office team to ensure our customers receive a high level of service. I also manage resources across the company to ensure everyone has the tools to perform to the best of our abilities.

I am proud of the team we have in place; each have a unique set of skills to help and care for our customers’ day to day needs. I also coordinate further developments and advancements in technology in partnership with Kenn, our Technical Director and the development team.

Since 2012 we have seen Promotional Office grow from strength to strength to become the industry’s leading software and have great plans for the future. We don’t like to stand still for long!

Efficiency Control & Power

Promotional Office, The Software

Promotional Office Software was born out of the need for ‘next-gen’ technology to support the promotional merchandise industry. Through the early and mid-noughties you would have been using ‘first-generation’ systems i.e. existing programmes adapted to suit the trade, packages predominantly using print industry DNA. Addressing the need for specific functionality aligned for promotional merchandise business activity, lead to the creation of Promotional Office.

The specification list is way beyond the ‘document generator’ adapted earlier solutions, and by taking the best of what was out there and building on it, means that Promotional Office is an intuitive and powerful tool for the industry.

€4.5m and 10 years later, Promotional Office leads in the UK, Holland and Germany as the software programme most commonly used in the trade by number of users. ‘True-cloud’ infrastructure, with best in class hosting service, provides a stable leading-edge environment in which to manage your business. On from that, and as your business evolves, Promotional Office can be just the start of the possibilities in creating a full technology platform.

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