Connecting Business platforms

Sourcing City Product Trigger

Search, Select and ‘fire’ product and supplier information from Sourcing City direct into Promotional Office for rapid quote generation. Only Promotional Office has this direct connection with the Sourcing City platform. This is a serious time saver for populating Quotes and Ideas Presentations for ‘standard category’ promo item business.  PO can create a Company compliant presentation layout, nicely templated and easily populated with products using the Product Trigger or from Product ranges in your PO database: No more time spent creating PowerPoints! (Available as an option on a monthly basis for users of Sourcing City.)

Outlook Connector

Send docs from Promotional Office using the Outlook connector. Any Outlook item or attachments can be filed in Promotional Office against the relevant Client, Supplier, Product, Quote and Order areas. The relevant docs and files are presented for selection and attachment to an email at the point of sending a Quote, Acknowledgment or Purchase order document.

Industry platforms and feeds

Dynamic Highway, when launched, will provide Live product info and User specific pricing matrixes to the reseller. The option will be available to link to Promotional Office for in-system stock and specific pricing information from which to quote and order! Those connections will not be available to other platforms.

Client purchasing Platforms

Promotional Office Webservices provide the capability for custom connections to be made with Ariba, Hubwoo, SAP and so on – in line with your business activity. (Requires 3rd party development)

Client Portals

Mini website platforms that show a specific client the details and status of their quotes and orders. Driven by data exchanges with Promotional Office, these portals serve as an order progress check-in point and as a central resource for client companies who may have multiple buying channels. Simple effective and a great customer relationship tie-in. Client portals are an option to add to you’re a network of tools driven by one central control point: Promotional Office.

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