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Business Accuracy and Compliance

Business Accuracy and Compliance

General: Promotional Office is built for the UK and EU, which means it drives compliance and provides default functionality to handle the European and UK trading region processes. There are notable differences even within regions of Europe that require specific compliance, let alone the import processes required from the Far East and EU to the UK.

Best Practice: Promotional Office utilises standard windows-based user principles for accurate calculations and data management. The programme complies with UK and European wide best business practice standards to ensure that processes and documentation are compliant with your client expectations, accountancy processes and business law.

Sales Flexibility: Driving the sales process within set company parameters requires a system with good overviews, controls and detailed functionality that does not restrict sales decisions at the point of enquiry. Promotional Office provides the tools for full margin control per quote & order product line, with summaries to show blended margin totals. When managing client collections, or if you have agreed pricing for a supplier range, ‘fixed margin’ calculations can be applied to make quoting and ordering even simpler.

Throughout Promotional Office the ‘linked data’ process drives accuracy and  provides powerful business metrics from which to steer sales decisions and business strategies.

Document Compliance

In accordance with ISO business standards, every document needs a unique audit traceable number (even a version of a changed document should be re-numbered). Relevant documents are linked to the master Sales Order and might include multiple purchase orders, delivery notes, despatch advises and subsequent Invoices, all of which need their own traceable numbering system. A quotation may have evolved through a series of changes, these changes (history) are also linked for audit visibility and for reference to the earlier versions of a quote (or order).

Linked Documentation

Any changes made within the system that has consequences to the former or subsequent (linked) documents will be flagged/warned and for ‘next stage’ actions to be applied. (The system is not a document generator! It drives compliance and visibility of ‘who did what by when’ and the result of those actions by linking the processes). i.e. Edits to a Purchase order are not possible without sending the new (revised) document to the supplier: it will be flagged as red/unsent to show a change requiring a further action in the system (Again, an established ‘Best Practice’ requirement.)

Multi-Currency and Exchange rate Control

Promotional Office has built in default functionality allowing a combination of  currencies to be handled in the buying and selling process. Importing, re-selling and exporting may require  ‘buying in $, report in £ and sell in €’. This is supported by a central Exchange Rate controller to manage the company specific buying and selling formulae.

Note: Within Promotional Office, combination currency and margin % calculations are not auto rounded (up or down) and figures remain accurate and true within the system.

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