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True Cloud Hosting

Promotional Office is a Windows based programme utilising a Client-Server cloud infrastructure that’s considered premium for this type of Software as a Service. The Amazon EC2 hosting service ensures high levels of serviceability for integrity, stability and control.


The Amazon EC2 service assures industry leading technology standards. This is the stuff that will help you win business with you clients seeking equivalent standards in those areas from their supplier’s infrastructure. Government departments, Banks, Aerospace and Public Service organisation all need provable integrity in their supply chain’s systems, especially for purchasing platform hook-ups (see Connectivity).

File Storage

Artwork, Client Purchase Orders, Product Spec Sheets, Factory Audits, E-mailed Approvals from clients, project costing spreadsheets, freight calculations and so on can all be stored in Promotional Office in the cloud against the relevant area of the system. When sending a document out of the system, (Quote, Order, PO, delivery notes, Invoice etc) the files attached to one of the elements (Client, Supplier or Product) along with anything specifically stored at that quote or order level, will be presented from the directory for choice selection at the time of sending that document. No more finding files in a job bag on a server somewhere! There is no storage limit.

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